At Custom Feeder, we pride ourselves on engineering and manufacturing top-quality vibratory bowls for a multitude of applications, including fasteners, part assembly, sorting and orienting parts, liquid filling, and capping. We serve a wide range of customers, from the electrical and medical sectors to transportation, packaging, and more. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ability to design and fabricate all kinds of feeder bowls from single vibratory bowls to complex multi-component systems, ensuring we meet the varied needs of our customers.

Springfield, the vibrant capital of Illinois, serves as a central hub in the heart of the Midwest. With a population nearing 116,000, Springfield is not only known for its historical significance but also for being home to iconic landmarks like the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. This city’s rich cultural heritage and bustling community make it an ideal location for businesses seeking to thrive in a dynamic environment. Custom Feeder is proud to service Springfield, IL and beyond, bringing our specialized feeder bowls to a region steeped in history and innovation.

In Springfield, IL and the surrounding areas, Custom Feeder continues to stand out by offering feeder bowl solutions that are not only efficient but also customized to the unique needs of our customers. Our dedication to servicing the Springfield area and beyond is matched by our commitment to quality and innovation. We offer feeder bowls that are designed to be user-friendly and feature custom parts that can be remanufactured, ensuring longevity and reliability. By focusing on the needs of our customers in Springfield and the surrounding areas, we solidify our position as a leader in the feeder bowls industry, providing solutions that are both creative and of high quality.

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Springfield Feeder Bowls