At Custom Feeder, we pride ourselves on being a leading vibratory feeder fabricator, specializing in vibratory bowls for a range of industrial applications. Our client base includes industries such as electrical, medical, transportation, and more. Since 1987, we have provided custom automated units, integrating excellence into every project. Our expertise as a vibratory feeder fabricator ensures that each client receives customized, effective solutions for their specific part-handling needs.

Bloomington, Illinois, boasts a population of over 77,000 residents. Known for its vibrant community and strategic location, Bloomington is also home to the iconic Miller Park Zoo and the historical David Davis Mansion, both popular landmarks. The city’s significant role as a central hub in Illinois enhances its appeal as a target for businesses seeking robust part-handling systems, particularly those requiring precision and reliability. These characteristics, coupled with its cultural and historical richness, make Bloomington an ideal location for installing our advanced vibratory feeder systems, offering an advantageous environment for both business growth and technological development.

In Bloomington, Illinois and beyond, our services extend to creating and maintaining high-quality vibratory feeder systems. Whether you are near the bustling streets of downtown Bloomington or in surrounding areas, our capabilities as a vibratory feeder fabricator are designed to meet your specific needs. We offer comprehensive services, from design to fabrication, all crafted by our skilled team. With a focus on user-friendly designs and high-quality standards, our systems ensure long-lasting performance and adaptability for future needs. By choosing Custom Feeder as your vibratory feeder fabricator, you ensure that your operations are supported by systems that are not only effective but also meticulously designed to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Custom Feeder has been a trusted partner for custom automated units since 1987. Our dedication to innovation and excellence has solidified our reputation in the industry. Contact us today to experience the difference of working with a company with a proven track record of superior performance in the industry. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we are committed to delivering feeder bowl solutions that exceed your expectations.

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