At Custom Feeder, we take pride in engineering and manufacturing vibratory feeder bowls for a diverse range of industries, including electrical, medical, and transportation sectors. We specialize in fabricating vibratory feeder bowls and delivering solutions for fasteners, part assembly, and more. Our expertise supports customers from various sectors, ensuring their part-handling systems are both effective and efficient. With our skilled team and commitment to quality, our vibratory feeder bowls demonstrate our capability and dedication in every project we undertake.

Bloomington, Illinois, with a population exceeding 77,000, is not only a vibrant hub in Central Illinois but also an economic center with a growing technology sector. This city benefits from a continuous influx of fresh talent and innovative ideas. The McLean County Museum of History symbolizes the region’s rich heritage and commitment to preserving and celebrating its past. Bloomington’s robust infrastructure, including well-maintained transportation networks and supportive business policies, along with a highly skilled workforce, make it an ideal setting for technological growth and innovation. This environment aligns perfectly with Custom Feeder’s mission to provide top-quality automated solutions, making it a city that benefits from our advanced manufacturing activities.

Customer Feeder services the Bloomington, Illinois area and beyond, fabricating vibratory feeder bowls designed for longevity and adaptability because we are committed to contributing to the local economy and technological landscape. Our detailed technical drawings and solid models minimize downtime and enhance operational efficiency, marking another milestone in our long history of excellence since 1987. Furthermore, our sound enclosures for vibratory feeder bowls help maintain a quieter environment, enhancing workplace quality. With a commitment to exceptional service, we also offer a full one-year warranty on our parts and service, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

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Bloomington Vibratory Feeder Bowls