At Custom Feeder, our expertise lies in the engineering and manufacturing of vibratory bowls for a broad spectrum of applications, encompassing fasteners, part assembly, sorting, orienting parts, liquid filling, and capping. We are proud to serve a wide-ranging client base, including sectors like electrical, medical, transportation, packaging, liquid filling, ammunition, and more. Our proficiency in vibratory bowls enables us to offer top-quality solutions personalized to meet the varied requirements of our clients with utmost precision and efficiency.

The city of Austin, Texas, home to over 950,000 residents, is celebrated for its vibrant cultural scene, with iconic landmarks such as the Texas State Capitol, Lady Bird Lake, and Zilker Park. Additionally, the presence of the University of Texas enhances the city’s educational landscape, while the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival spotlights Austin as a focal point for music, film, and digital innovation, attracting a diverse array of businesses and creative talents. This makes Austin an ideal spot for our specialized offerings, catering to the varied needs of businesses in such an energetic setting.

In Austin and the surrounding areas, the impact of Custom Feeder is underscored by our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in the industry sector of vibratory bowl manufacturing. Our ability to design and produce creative solutions that address a wide range of part handling challenges underscores our commitment to boosting operational efficiencies for businesses within Austin and beyond. Our vibratory bowls are crafted with the end-user in mind, prioritizing ease of operation, dependability, and the flexibility to adapt to diverse operational requirements, thereby reflecting our commitment to delivering solutions that embody the highest standards of quality and client service.

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Austin Vibratory Bowls